VaadCast Episode 15: Leon Goldenberger

VaadCast Episode 15: Leon Goldenberger


On this episode of the VaadCast, we’re joined by Leon Goldenberg for a discussion on the topic of redistricting and how it will affect the Jewish communities of New York. Mr. Goldenberg has been active in many causes around New York for many years. He is the First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at COJO of Flatbush, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees for Agudath Israel of America.

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IRC Upcoming Hearings and Summaries

The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) series of public hearings is underway. The NY Census and Redistricting Institute will be releasing summaries of the hearings each week. Attached are summaries for the Southern Tier, Syracuse, and North Country hearings. The remaining dates and locations include:

  • November 1 – Albany
  • November 8 – White Plains
  • November 9 – Bronx
  • November 10 – New York County
  • November 15 – Richmond County
  • November 16 – Kings County
  • November 17 – Queens County
  • November 22 – Nassau County
  • November 23 – Suffolk County

For exact locations and to register to testify, please go to

Proposition 1 on Election Ballot Tomorrow

Voters are being asked to vote tomorrow on a redistricting reform measure that would make changes to the redistricting calendar and other measures. For more information on the proposal, please see and

Syracuse Law School Mapping Team Speaks with IRC

Students from Syracuse University’s Public Mapping Project redistricting team had the opportunity to meet with members of the New York Independent Redistricting Commission on Tuesday, October 26th. After listening to public testimony, the commission generously shared their time and perspective with the student team. On behalf of the class, we thank the commission for extending the opportunity.

Public Mapping Project Now Underway

The deadline for submissions for the Public Mapping Project is November 24.

To participate please visit:

If you have any questions, please email Marissa Zanfardino at

Online Redistricting Resources

TheDigital Commons at New York Law School will provide all redistricting publications by Jeff Wice and other members of the New York Census and Redistricting Institute.  Access the digital commons here:

Redistricting Online and its partners believe that redistricting information from all 50 states (including law, data, news, policy, and research) should be easily accessible. In collaboration with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and New York Law School, we have created this nonpartisan, multimedia, knowledge hub to give redistricting a trusted, permanent home on the web. Access the website here:

New York Census Data and Tools
CUNY Mapping Center New York Tool: The Mapping Service at the  CUNY Graduate Center has launched a New York-specific version of its “Redistricting & You” online map, making it easy to compare proposed Independent Redistricting Commission proposed districts with existing lines. The map displays the “Names” and “Letters” district plans from the Commission compared with current congressional, state senate, and assembly districts. The map is fully interactive.

Redistricting Data Hub has new trainings, resources, news, and the state population change charts. You can access the website here:

American Statistical Association released a Task Force Report on 2020 Census Analysis and Quality Indicators. You can access the report here:

Redistricting Primer and Informational Webinars

Please contact Jeff Wice (by reply email) if you would like to schedule an informational webinar on the state’s redistricting process. A copy of the N.Y. Census & Redistricting Institute’s basic primer on how New York redistricts can be accessed and downloaded here:

The N.Y. Census and Redistricting Institute is supported by a grant from the New York State Census Equity Fund.

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