About Us

How Did VHQ Begin?

The Vaad Harabonim of Queens was founded over fifty years ago by Rabbis who shared a common vision. Seeking to unite the growing Orthodox Jewish community under the banner of Halacha and Mitzvah observance, they joined together to create an organization that would strengthen and maintain the institutions of a Torah community.

With the combined resources of their Congregations, the Vaad has dramatically impacted the Queens Jewish community. The implementation of a Kashrus observance standard has established a uniformity of kosher certification that is accepted by all denominations of the Jewish faith. The local and broader Jewish community has also benefited from the formation of a Chevra Kadisha that vigorously promotes halachic funeral and burial practices. Through providing its resources and services, the Chevra Kadisha has been responsible for thousands being buried in the Jewish tradition. The Vaad’s Bais Din (Court of Jewish Law) has established a widely recognized reputation for its fairness and integrity. A true community Bais Din, it provides an affordable venue for Dinei Torah (legal adjudication), and ensures the highest level of accuracy and sensitivity in its Gittin and Piskei Din (decisions of the court).

Who We Are Today

Since its inception, the Vaad has rapidly grown to include large numbers of Rabbonim throughout Queens and Long Island, and has become a formidable and unifying force in advocating for the concerns of its represented communities. The Vaad is the forum in which our Rabbonim come together to tackle critical communal issues, and to represent our interests to government officials and to the world.

In uniting us in our response to the many challenges that we face, the Vaad has given us a true measure of Achdus and a heightened feeling of responsibility to one another. It has been a source of Kiddush Hashem that we can all take pride in. The Vaad is a not-for-profit organization in the truest sense. Members serve on a strictly voluntary basis. They contribute their time and effort for the benefit of our community.

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