Halacha Weekly ~ Parshas Emor: Shehechiyanu during the days of Sefira

Halacha Weekly ~ Parshas Emor: Shehechiyanu during the days of Sefira


וספרתם לכם ממחרת השבת מיום הביאכם את עמר התנופה שבע שבתות תמימות תהיינה” (כ”ג,ט”ו)

The מחבר (סימן תצ”ג סעיף א’) writes that it is the custom not to marry between Pesach and Shavuos until ל”ג בעומר.  During this time the talmidim of רבי עקיבא died, so it is not a time for rejoicing.  The Mishna Berura brings from the מאמר מרדכי that ומכל מקום אם נזדמן לו איזה ענין שצריך לברך שהחיינו יברך – nevertheless, if it happens that one needs to make a ברכת שהחיינו he may do so.

Reb Nissim Karelitz shlit”a explains the words of the Mishna Berura “אם נזדמן” – if it comes about.  A person should not plan it out to make a שהחיינו during the days of ספירה. However if it happened so, he may recite the brocha לכתחילה.  Reb Chaim Kanievski shlit”a explains that the words “אם נזדמן” is לאו דוקא and one can make a שהחיינו during ספירה even לכתחילה.  This is also the opinion of the אור לציון and Reb Shlomo Zalman zt”l.

The אליה זוטא quotes רבינו ירוחם who rules that one should not recite שהחיינו during the ימי הספירה since they are considered to be ימי דין – days of judgment.  The עוללות אפרים as well rules in the same manner.  There are many קהילות that have adopted this מנהג not to make a שהחיינו during ספירה.

The שבט הלוי rules that לכתחילה one should not move into a new house during ספירה.  The ruling of the לקט יושר is that one should not buy or wear new clothing, even clothing that does not require a שהחיינו.  This would also apply to those who do not make a שהחיינו on any clothing.

Most poskim clearly state that the mourning of the Three Weeks and the mourning period of the days of sefira are not comparable to each other and have different halachos and customs.  The Steipler zt”l used to say that people who compare both of them are mistaken.  The מחבר (סימן תקנ”א סעיף י”ז) says that one should be careful from saying שהחיינו during the Three Weeks, but this does not apply to the days of sefira.  The aveilus of sefira forbids only marriage and haircuts.  Everything else, for example buying new clothing, moving into a new house or reciting שהחיינו is permissible.  This is the ruling of the אור לציון and Reb Elyashiv zt”l.  This is also the ruling of Reb Shmuel Kamenetsky shlit”a. [1]

Prepared by R’ Avrohom Yehoshua Ziskind

[1] Sources:דרשו,פסקי תשובות,קובץ הלכות

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