Official statements from Kosher Gardens / Postiv and Bodek Kosher Produce Inc. regarding E-Coli Outbreak

Official statements from Kosher Gardens / Postiv and Bodek Kosher Produce Inc. regarding E-Coli Outbreak


We have received countless inquiries about the recent e-coli outbreak and how it relates to romaine lettuce. We would like to let the public know a few facts about this issue so as to avoid any confusion:

  1. The CDC and FDA did NOT say definitively that romaine is the source but rather its only a suspicion at this point. The outbreak started in Oct and Nov, and no firm source has been found to date
  2. The suspicion is on romaine heads and hearts not on any processed romaine at this point
  3. Many kosher companies, Postiv and Kosher gardens included, have their own fields and grow themselves in greenhouses and protected environments and are therefore not associated with any national outbreak stemming from market romaine
  4. As an added precaution our company has done extra testing since this outbreak has become known over 5 weeks ago we have not found any bacteria in any of our tests they all came back negative

Chesky Seitler

COO Kosher Gardens/ Postiv


Bodek Kosher Produce inc. would like to inform and reassure our customers in regards to the recent reports of contaminated romaine lettuce that our products are not affected and are completely safe to eat.

The US center for disease control and prevention has not identified what food likely cause this food borne illness outbreak. There has been no request or recall on any romaine lettuce product.

Food safety is a top priority for us, we have robust food safety programs in place that incorporate stringent regulatory oversight. Our products go through intensive washing and cleaning process to insure our customers get the best fresh healthy products available.

For any further detailed questions about this issue please contact

Shlome Fried Director of Opersations At:

Best Regards,

Shlome Fried

Director of Opersations

Bodek Kosher Produce Inc.

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