Divrei Torah Parshas Lech Lecha 5779

Divrei Torah Parshas Lech Lecha 5779


There is a special message behind Og telling Avrom Avinu that Lot was taken captive. What does this episode tell us about Emunah and how we can further build it in our lives to strengthen our connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu? Rabbi Chaim Schwartz explains. Good Shabbos!


ולא תאמר אני העשרתי את אברם ( בראשית י״ד,כ״ג)
“So you shall not say I enriched Avraham”
After Avraham Avinu was victorious in saving his nephew Lot, the king of Sedom offered Avraham Avinu a reward. Keep all of the spoils and give back the people you captured. Avraham denies the request of the king. He did not want the king of Sedom taking credit for making him wealthy.
A very obvious question can be posed. At the beginning of the Parsha, Avraham Avinu is traveling to Egypt. As he is approaching, he tells his wife Sarah to say that she is his sister. This is for two reasons; one so that they shouldn’t kill him and take Sarah. And two so that they would enrich Avraham on Sarah’s behalf. Why is Avaraham content to profit from Paraoh and not Sedom ? We also find in next week’s Parsha the same idea with Avimelech the king of the Plishtim. He takes Sarah only to return her to Avraham along with great wealth. What if any is the difference ?
In analyzing the discussion between Avraham and the king of Sedom we find a very interesting choice of words. The king of Sedom directs Avraham what to do with the spoils of the war. He says,  It seems almost like he believes that he is in control of things that he was very close to losing. Had Avaraham not intervened in the war, all would’ve been lost. Avraham Avinu who’s life goal and mission was brings awareness about G-d, saw in this individual selfishness and no awareness of anyone or anything another than himself. This he could not be a part of. The Torah  tells us that Avimelech and Paraoh were
punished by Hashem- they understood the depths of their deeds. The king of Sedom only saw himself.

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